Adventure Race Japan

山、川、海など自然環境の豊富さが重要となるアドベンチャーレース。 諸外国では見られない日本独特の風景が数多く残る長野県は、これまで数多くの国際レースを受け入れ、歴史的な建造物や人々の生活を繋いできた古道、その思い、ルートなどを海外に発信できることなど、エリアとしてふさわしいと考えています。

アドベンチャーレースの出場する選手達は、ただレースに勝つという目的だけで大会に参加していません。多くの選手たちが声を揃えて“レースに参加しなければ見られない光景・風景がアドベンチャーレース最大の魅力の一つ”だといいます。 世界シリーズ戦ですらほとんど賞金が発生しないにもかかわらず、多くの海外チームが参加することからも、参加者が勝敗以上のものを求めているのは明らかです。

Mountains, rivers, and oceans -abundance of natural environment is vital for Adventure Racing. We believe Nagano prefecture is suitable as the location as they have hosted many international races so far. The historical buildings, ancient roads that have tied the lives of people, and their beliefs. These should also be shared abroad.

AR athletes are not going to be in to win the race. Many of them say that the sights and landscapes that cannot be seen unless they participated in the race is the biggest magnetism.

From seeing many overseas teams participating in the World Series despite the fact that almost no prize money given, it is clear that the participants are seeking more than a victory or defeat .

Nagano has something that Japan can boast. We are sure that many Japanese athletes can also find what they have not known so far. Experiences in holding other outdoor sports events helps Nagano act as the base for the AR as well.

In the brink of celebrating 20th anniversary since the start of AR in Japan, we are now moving forward with an offer to be part of the pre-short race category ARWS that will be starting from next year.

This attainment will promise us to hold the race as AR Japan every one and a half years or two years. We find that holding this commemorative 1st race in Nagano means a great deal to us all, and hope to expand the areas of the race in and outside Nagano by utilizing knowhow we gain from the race this time, and to disseminate the goodness of Japan’s nature, culture, food, and people we meet in and outside Japan.

Adventure Race Japan 2020 coming soon ......

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