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Raid del Viento 2020 Adventure Race in Patagonia

The Race

Adventure Race World Series (ARWC) joins the best athletes of the world in epics international events. The winning teams of each of these races obtain a position for the start line in the summit of this sport, The World Championship Of Adventure Race World Series.

Each international qualifying event in the AR World Series (Adventure Race) establishes a unique course where mixed teams of 4 athletes compete, for 3-10 days, non stop, in trail running, mountain biking, rowing, orientation and special events (climbing, horse riding, snowshoeing, pack raft)

The course of the race is kept secret until the start of the race


Mixed Teams 4 Members (Unique qualification ARWS)Equipos Gentleman / Ladies (4 Members)Two People


It had its first edition in 2018 in the region of the highest peaks of Patagonia, Cerro Tromen and Volcan Domuyo, in the mythical North Neuquino.

During 4 days and nights, 30 mixed teams with members from 15 countries traveled more than 300 km, compass in hand, the lagoons of Epulauquen, slopes of Domuyo Volcano, climbed gigantic rocks, in the indomitable climate of low zero nights, and noon of 30 degrees.

The winner of the test was the Adventure Medical Kits Team of USA, 2nd in the ARWS Ranking.

It was followed by teams from Spain, Sweden, Denmark and New Zealand, teams from all over Latin America, and also from Argentina.

The city of San Martín de los Andes n the region of the lakes, in the south of the Province of Neuquen, will host the first date of the World Circuit from February 22 to 29.


Place: San Martín de los Andes Date: 22 al 29 de February 2020 Distance: 450 Km Non Stop / Half Raid: 200 Km Non Stop Disciplines: Trekking, Mountain Bike, Kayak, Orientation, Ropes, Special Test to be confirmed.


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